Why buy from me? Jewellery By Linda - Jewellery by Linda

Jewellery by Linda - Why buy from me?

I Understand

  • I totally understand that you may not know me yet and may need a little reassurance that you won't be disappointed when buying from me.  I've tried to ease your concerns below, but don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you are still unsure of. 

No Hard Sell

  • Personally, I hate the hard sell, and would never subject you to that.  If you want to chat I won't try to push you to buy anything. 

Between You and Me

  • I highly prize my personal email address and don't give it up lightly!  Be assured that if you entrust me with your email address, I will never divulge your details to anyone else (unless required to do so by law) and I will never sell your details on to anyone.  I will, however, send you emails periodically with special offers and discounts for you, chances to get your hands on new (and of course, unique or limited edition) designs before anyone else and terrific jewellery tips.  Don't worry though - I won't spam you, and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Save Time

  • You have the option of creating an account with me so that you can see your previous orders and your address, etc. details will be automatically filled in when next you order using your account, saving you precious time. You don't have to worry - it's optional - you can buy from me by checking out as a guest if you wish.

Secure Payment

  • Payment is made using the Paypal system.  You can pay using your Paypal Account, but you don't have to set up a Paypal account to be able to pay for your jewellery.  Credit card payments are accepted and because you go through the Paypal system, your details will never come through to me.

FREE UK P&P for orders over £50.00

  • If you want to know when you will receive your precious piece of jewellery, check out my Delivery & Wrapping page for details.

30 Day Returns

  • If you decide you don't want a piece of jewellery you have received, returning it is simple.  Check out my Returns & Refunds page for how.  Sorry, I can't accept returns for earrings, so please check, and double check, before your purchase.

I'm Approachable

  • If there is anything you want to know and can't find it on the website, just get in touch - I am always happy to hear from you.

Handmade With Passion

  • My customers value the uniqueness, and above all the quality, which I offer them.  Although cheap high street mass produced pieces may seem to be bargains, they don't tend to last.  Each piece of handmade gemstone jewellery from Jewellery By Linda is lovingly created with attention to every detail and my customers can treasure their jewellery from me and wear it with confidence.  We don't all want to look the same and my customers love the uniqueness and enjoy that owning an individual piece means they can express who they are whenever they wear it.
  • I'm passionate about bringing you unique jewellery without compromise - sterling silver and gorgeous genuine gemstones in designs which are feminine, wearable and undeniably beautiful.
  • I delight in finding that each gemstone ‘speaks’ to me in terms of design and I create a piece of jewellery to bring out the best in them. I put a little piece of my heart into each and every design. None of the jewellery you see from Jewellery By Linda is mass produced, so you can be sure that you are wearing either a one off piece or one of a very limited edition - unique handmade jewellery from Yorkshire. Every piece is created with passion and attention to detail. As every precious and semi-precious gemstone has individual, beautiful, characteristics and a story to tell, no two gems are ever the same - I am always amazed at how diverse and beautiful they are.  Some of my collections feature exclusive hand formed fine or sterling silver pieces in conjunction with genuine gemstones.

  • I am passionate about bringing you great quality jewellery you can treasure. I will let you know which jewellery is hallmarked - at the Sheffield Assay Office - just check out the product description.


  • All of the gems and silver that I source for your jewellery are from reputable suppliers so you can be sure of the high quality of the finished pieces.


  • I am a Gold member of the Jewellery Designers Guild.

My Ethos & Inspiration

  • I believe that every woman is special and unique. I create jewellery in that belief so that you will own a piece which is handmade especially for you, and is as unique as you are - jewellery which is wearable and precious.
  • I am inspired by the myriad colours and shapes of nature. I love to walk in the hills of Yorkshire, or simply gaze out across the sea. I have been privileged to visit, and be inspired by, some of the most beautiful places in the world. From the intricate delicacy of the head of a flower to the drama of a huge wave – my spirits soar at the sight. I carry this feeling through into my creations so that when you receive your jewellery your spirits can be lifted too.

I Understand

  • I totally understand that you may not know me yet and may need a little reassurance that you won't be disappointed when buying from me.  I've tried to ease your concerns above, but don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you are still unsure of.