Hello! It's so lovely to see you here.

I'm Linda - Yorkshire based, a self taught jeweller with a passion to bring you luxury unique & limited edition jewellery designed to help you celebrate your most precious moments. 

From my studio overlooking the beautiful, historic Bronte parsonage, I create colourful jewellery for you - inspired by the colours and shapes I see and the books I love to read – using high quality genuine gemstones, pearls & Swarovski crystals with precious metals.
Jewellery by Linda - Linda photo 1
I don't have a team - there's only me - designing and creating in my little studio overlooking the Bronte Parsonage, so every piece comes directly from me to you, with my personal attention to detail at every stage.
 I know that jewellery can change how we feel - our own collections can transform our mood and help with our confidence, and when we give jewellery as gifts we not only pass those good vibes onto the recipient, but we feel good ourselves about the act of giving.
Marta Necklace - Harmony Collection Jewellery by Linda
Whether you prefer subtle & dainty or bold & statement, I design each piece using the very best quality components.
Some pieces are gemstone rich, whilst others simply showcase the beauty of the silver - all are designed with your life's special times in mind.
 Amethyst Oval Runic Necklace - Jewellery by Linda
Silver jewellery is timeless - not driven by a throw away culture - making your jewellery something you can pass to future generations.
I am passionate about bringing you great quality jewellery which you can treasure from my UK studio. 
I will always let you know the jewellery pieces which are hallmarked (at the Sheffield Assay Office, of course - it's in Yorkshire after all) - just check out the individual product description.
    Anne Testimonial - Jewellery by Linda
    Connor Testimonial - Jewellery by Linda
     Jewellery by Linda - Linda photo 2

    My Ethos
    You are gorgeous and unique and your jewellery should reflect who you are.
    I create jewellery in that belief so that you will own a piece which is handmade especially for you, and is as unique and beautiful as you are - jewellery which is wearable and precious.
    Creating with silver sheet - Jewellery by Linda
    Why Buy Handmade?
    • Unique - I know that you value the uniqueness, and the quality, which I offer.
    • Not mass produced - Although cheap high street mass produced pieces may seem to be bargains, they just don't last. 
    • Individual - We don't all want to look the same and owning an individual piece means you can express who they are whenever you wear it.
    • Attention to detail - Each Jewellery by Linda handmade piece is lovingly designed from scratch and created with attention to every detail so that you can treasure your jewellery collection and wear it with confidence

    I'm always happy to hear from you, so if there's anything I can help you with please contact me.

    You can also send me a message via my Facebook or Instagram page.

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