Apple Blossom Necklace - Vesuvianite, Peridot, Russian Diopside, Scapo - Jewellery by Linda

Apple Blossom Necklace - Vesuvianite, Peridot, Russian Diopside, Scapolite, Sterling Silver


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Rare and beautiful gemstones in green hues make up this elegant and unique sterling silver handmade necklace.

First discovered on Mount Vesuvius, the feature drops in this necklace are the gemstone vesuvianite.  Accenting the vesuvianite is deep green Russian diopside - mined in Siberia only a few months in the year and greatly sought after particularly in the far East, sparkling peridot and rare scapolite which catches the light.

Each gemstone has been individually chosen to create the 'drops', wrapped with sterling silver wire and attached to a sterling silver chain.  The central feature is completed with a cluster of sparkling faceted peridot.

The perfect statement necklace for a wedding, and you can be certain no-one else will arrive wearing the same - this piece is unique.

  • Necklace length: ~ 49cm (around 19.25")
  • Central feature length: ~ 3cm
  • Gemstones: Vesuvianite, AA+ peridot, AAA scapolite, AA Russian diopside
  • Gemstone size: ~ 3mm - 10mm

All of the components I have used in this necklace are sterling silver

Your precious jewellery will arrive gorgeously gift-wrapped as shown

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